In this world where information technology  keeps evolving and people continue to be more diversified and individualistic, our society has accomplished, as never before, a material prosperity. Despite this, there has also been the negative sides such as losing a sense of community and belonging, and time that truly enriches and liberates our mind.

  What our school provides tuition on—music which presumably has its history originating in Europe and spreading across the world—have developed throughout progressive eras in history that now days are most commonly categorized as baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary. Music as such is never simple and pursuing it can be a lifelong journey.

  While it is never easy to pass down and also make addition to such a tradition of profound nature to the next generation, the process of this quest shall nourish, inspire and intrigue us. Let’s learn together this music, which in this world of affluence connects us together and cultivate our spirit.